Creative and mindful classes to appeal to yogis and non-yogis alike of all levels. Elena blends the physical postures through movement and healing wisdoms of ancient yogic traditions to align, balance and open mind, body and spirit.


Elena is a 200 E-RYT, 85 CPYT specializing in Hatha/Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative, Pre/Post-Natal, Breathwork and Meditation. Based in Queens and Long Island New York, Elena offers private and group sessions that are accessible to all level practitioners! Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yogi, you can expect Elena's classes to be welcoming, intentional, intuitive, informative and fun. Variations and modifications are offered so that no one feels left out. As a former dancer performing and competing both in studio and all throughout school, movement has always been essential as a physical and creative outlet, as well as a balance for mental and emotional health.  One of Elena's missions is to share and hold space with you in developing & cultivating a healthy lifestyle, an open mind and open heart as the fuel to helping you tap into your own inner teacher and self healer. Some themes in Elena's teaching style are practicing Presence, mindfulness and self awareness. How did Elena dive into this yogic lifestyle?  In 2009 she was in a near fatal car accident.  In 2012 she experienced her first yoga class and since then she knew she found her dharma, or purpose.  Along with other therapeutic alternatives, yoga really helped and continues to help heal the trauma and hardships that are sometimes inevitable in life, as well providing harmony and an overall sense of well-being. In 2017 she travelled abroad to Thailand receiving her 200 hour Classical Yoga teacher training certification. in 2019 she received her 85 hour prenatal certification in Colorado.  Join Elena for a heart felt journey to live your yoga practices both on and off the mat.

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Class Descriptions


Hatha Vinyasa Flow
Sustaining a body and breath relationship, flowing through various postures that create heat in the body, build strength, balance, flexibility & stamina. This regulates the body's natural flow of (yang/masculine) energy

Yin yoga/Deep Stretch
Meditative & passive approach to postures being held for a longer period of time on the ground. Stretches & targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, joints, ligaments & the fascia throughout the body. Focus is mostly on the lower half of the body such as the low back, hips, pelvis and thighs. Regulates the body’s flow of (Qi, feminine) energy

Restorative Yoga
Use of props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and yoga straps to assist in holding poses for a longer period of time on the ground with extra support.  Gentle, meditative & slow movement to soothe & restore the mind, body & soul

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga
Customized sessions through all trimesters and post-pregnancy with approval from your doctor

Pranayama & Meditation
Prana is the Sanskrit term for "life force". Ayama means extension and expansion. Through practicing pranayama we consciously control and regulate the mind and body through breathwork exercises. This guides us towards preparation for meditation

Rituals + Ceremonies, Sound Healing, Herbs, Essential Oils

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Elena is an amazing yoga instructor.  Very personal and caring, she is excellent at explaining the poses with ease and no pressure if you have prior experience as a yogi.  I love how she guides us to stay centered and focused throughout the practice, easily flowing from one pose to another.  I have practiced with her for more than two years and never had a bad practice.  I truly enjoy being in her presence. - Jackie K.

You are one of the reasons I kept going with yoga after thinking there is no way I can do it.  Your classes and words made it feel possible. During such a hard time in the world you provide a steady and calm.  Thank you for all of this. - Lorie

I really enjoy your classes and want to thank you personally.  I felt incredible, the stretch and the sweat, the vibes and energy I felt.  Thank you so much for welcoming me, I felt great all day! - Allison

Thank you for always creating a beautiful experience for us! - Kathy

I love that your classes include breath-work and meditation.  They are beautiful and calming in times like these.  Much needed. - Cathy

Hi Elena, I very much enjoy your classes.  Thank you for being there for us and being a reminder to smile.  It's so nice that we are able to have classes with you during these times. - Leslie

You are one of the more dedicated instructors I know - Andy

I feel like I should pay you for a chiropractic session.  So much YES for Yin Yoga.  I feel amazing and taller! - Emily

The greatest challenge is to face all the pain in this world and be strong while still keeping a loving and open heart.  You are my inspiration for that! - Stefanie

You are fierce.  Somehow I saw this attribute exude from within you, even upon the very first time we met, before we started to get to know each other. Its nice to see and get to know this being confirmed along with so many other amazing qualities about you along the way.  You and your story are very inspiring and I feel so proud of you and happy to know you.  Keep shining your beautiful light in this world. - Donna

You are literally one of the most amazing people I've met on my journey and I'm so thankful for getting to be in this space with you.  Im forever grateful for you - Catherine

So grateful for the vibes you give off!  I always enjoy your classes in person or virtually.  You truly care about everyone you come across and in these times thats hard to come by.  Cant wait to continue watching you grow and succeed.  -Amanda

Love your insight and your sharing.  You're so valuable to this time and space and to everyone that comes into your orbit.  Love your wisdom and your unfolding journey - Joey


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